Happy Thanksgiving!

While the post may be a little delayed in coming, the sentiment is still the same. What reminds us of those things for which we have to be thankful more than spending time with friends and family? Over the holiday weekend, my family was blessed to have been inundated with friends and family – and more turkey than one should eat in a year. On Thursday, after a rather hectic morning I won’t get into at this time, we had the privilege of spending the afternoon and evening at our pastor’s house with several other families from the church. We ate, talked, laughed, ate, played some games and ate some more. All in all, it was your typical Thanksgiving day, but this was only the start to our weekend.
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Board Games Bring Fun Galore!

Game Night

One thing we missed in our time in New York was not having friends who shared our same interest in board games and staying up until the wee hours conversing about everything and nothing. As much as we enjoy a good game, often the game seems to be only a conduit we use as an excuse to spend the time together. When we lived in South Carolina, we had a number of couples who shared our interest in games (both video and board), and many of the guys also shared my interest in miniatures: something I have yet to delve into much. We are blessed to have found another family with whom we have been able to share those mutual late night game sessions again. Our children are the same ages, so it is a very good fit when we crash at one or the other of our houses for a “quick game” that often lasts well into the night.

Most recently, we have been playing Carcassonne and The Settlers of Catan at some length. I actually purchased the Carcassonne Big Box set with a handful of expansions from a friend before we made our move away from SC, but although we had heard great things about Settlers, we had never actually played it until a couple weeks ago. We broke open a new box, and I am happy to say that so far, with the four of us playing, I have a 3/4 winning streak.
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