Triggering True onChange Event for Text Fields

Something I’ve run into on multiple occasions is the desire to be able to trap the change event of text fields and textareas – not just on blur but when their value actually changes. I will assume some basic understanding of how DOM elements behave and that, while the input and textarea nodes have change events, they don’t actually fire in all browsers until you move away from them. This led me to thinking that there has to be a somewhat optimal way to trigger an event on those fields only when their value changes. If you’ve ever tried something like this before, you may have settled for a combination of listening to keypress and keyup events to get your desired behavior across all browsers, but once again, you have to attach this to all. elements on which you wish it to behave. jQuery once again allows us to develop a very simplistic solution in a relatively tiny bit of code:
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Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas is here, and through all the hustle and bustle, I’ve been really challenged as to remembrance of the true meaning of this favorite of holidays. Rather than trying to write up something witty in a blog post, I thought the following would suffice. I hope you all have a great day!

Christmas morn is here at last,
And my wallet is stripped of cash.
The presents ‘neath the tree await
My children’s early morning bash.

As paper flies and boxes are opened,
Little eyes light up with joy.
But through it all, we oft forget
The birth of a little baby boy.

This humble birth we recognize
While stories we read and carols sing,
Yet we lose the meaning of the nativity
As the virgin birth of Christ the King!

So, this year, midst all the stuff,
As presents are opened and children play,
Remember God’s precious gift to us:
The birth of Christ that first Christmas day.

Handling Larger Maps in AS3

I have been working on some ideas for a TD game that would be both entertaining and original, and I feel that – with the help of a couple friends’ input – I’m on the way to something worth developing. Since I have already put together much of the “guts” for a TD game, I am hoping that I will be able to quickly put together a prototype in my free time. Ideally, once I have a prototype together, I will be able to find a sponsor to pay for development, and I would then be able to focus some solid time on the project, but that is a bit optimistic at this point, since we are still in the baby conceptual stage.

Without giving too much away on my idea, I’m going to try to cover some concepts and specific ideas that I have had to resolve in order to visualize different portions of the interface and interactions. The first thing I realized was, to fully succeed with the idea I want to implement, I would have to be able to support fairly large maps (in some remote cases, massive may be a better term). Having been a long time RTS (Real Time Strategy) player, I decided to take some cues from them and implement a similar map-handling system. Surprisingly, once things started falling into place, it was quite easy to tweak and get working to a satisfactory level.
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Of Blogs and Men

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time now. I have been encouraged by friends and colleagues on many occasions to take advantage of the exposure the blogging world can afford a developer, but I’ve always just used the “I just don’t have the time to keep it updated” rhetoric. I finally decided that I have enough going on in life that it might actually be worth taking the time to document some of them. I have had a couple opportunities open up recently that really may be helpful, informative or simply interesting to someone else out there.

While I hardly view my life as an interesting canvass to display for the world to see, I do, on occasion, have some thoughts or insights on different topics that may be worth writing down for posterity’s sake. I suppose only time will tell whether this blog will prove to be an utter waste of time as so many blogs out there today are or whether it may actually be a worthwhile venue. If you find yourself wondering what sort of madness may escape my keyboard, the majority of my writings will most likely be related to technology in some way. Continue reading →