Support For Multi-Panel Display?

In gaming, the challenge always seems to be bigger, bolder and badder when it comes to graphics, but why hasn’t anyone really tapped the PC market with full multi-panel display support? This question came to mind again today when I saw this amazing 43″ curved display. I can only imagine the satisfaction of playing a flight simulator or racing game with two of these bad boys side by side providing a true panoramic display.
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‘Asteriods’ to Hit the Big Screen? Really???

This is one of those articles to which I am pointed that raises a number of very mixed thoughts and emotions within me. I’m not sure whether to be excited or appalled. To be perfectly honest, my initial thought on the matter was something akin to, “Sweet! Finally, someone is paying homage to one of the classics in this over saturated video game/comic book character movie run!” However, since that initial thought, the pendulum of my thoughts swung to the other extreme before finally settling to a somewhat acceptable happy medium.

Let’s consider the pros and cons for a moment, shall we? The biggest con is that there is absolutely no plot or story line to the game AT ALL. I mean, how often is Hollywood actually left with a completely wide open slate, given a drawing board as empty as space (quite literally) and actually come up with a respectable story? True, it happens from time to time with incredible writers (Spielberg and Lucas come to mind), but of all the space movies out there, those are by far the exceptions.
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