Simulation Gaming Article Published

As with much of what I do, the publishing of my new article, covering a definition and study of simulation games, was somewhat delayed, but it is now live. I have the privilege to work with a great managing editor for this, my first article on Bright Hub. Why was it delayed? Well, partially due to the fact I was overly cautious about length (keeping it short enough) and ended up leaving out a few details that really helped the whole article gel a little better. After some encouragement from my editor, I basically ignored the word limit on which we had previously agreed and ended up 20% longer than planned. While the length was variable, the final product was something upon which we both agreed was much more coherent and comprehensive than before. While I still had plenty more I wanted to say about the topic, I am quite pleased with how the article turned out. See it for yourself here: From Planes to Pets to People: The Growth and Breadth of Simulation Games.

Writing Opportunities at Long Last

As many of you are well aware, writing is something that has been on my mind for years, and though I have been told I have a proficiency at it (when I put my mind to it), I had not spent much time actually pursuing any writing opportunities – until now. First, as I wrote about earlier this year, I had an opportunity to write a little blurb for Kotaku and try to win a chance to help them cover E3 this year. While I did win that contest (though I can’t sneeze at placing third), it ignited my desire to write again, and I have put a little more effort into it recently. Predominantly, I have just put a little more thought and proofing into my blog posts, since that is really the only place I could send prospective editors for published work, but this seems to have started generating a little interest.
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Cover E3 With Kotaku: I Am Not the Chosen One

Yes, that’s right: Kotaku will be without the immense blessing of my presence and personality during their E3 Expo coverage in June. In a follow up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to inform my faithful readers that I was not able to snag the victory in the writing contest and claim my role as a game reporter for the week. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. But, I must acknowledge that I was quite encouraged to have made it as far as I did, and I hope that I may possibly find a little recognition out of the whole thing.

Let me once again express my deepest thanks to Kotaku for even presenting such an opportunity as this. I am thrilled to have had any part at all, and – after asking specifically how badly I had lost – when Brian informed me that I actually came in third in their vote, I figured that is nothing to sneeze at. Third place in a contest that determines the next attendee to the pinnacle of video game summits: indeed, not a bad place to be at all. However, the sting of “so close but yet so far away” is definitely there.
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Cover E3 With Kotaku? Really???

As many of you are probably aware (well, at least the gamers among you), video game news giant Kotaku launched a campaign last week to offer a solitary individual not currently involved in the gaming industry a chance to attend and cover the highly anticipated E3 Expo with them this year. Donning my fanboy facade, I registered for round one of their contest and received word Tuesday that I had been chosen as one of the dozen finalists to participate in the big challenge.
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WordPress Upgrade

Well, it’s overdue, and I’ve been slacking with the software a bit, but I finally got around to upgrading the blog to use WordPress 2.7. The admin interface is a definite improvement over the last few upgrades, and once again, when I’ve done something right, it makes me wonder what took me so long to carry out the upgrade. Anyway, it shouldn’t really affect you, the reader, at all, but things will hopefully be a little more streamlined now as we get under way for a new year of posting.


Back in the Saddle… Again

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us. Since my last post several months ago, many things have changed in the world; thankfully, only a handful of those changes have actually been in my personal world. I have moved across the country with my family, gotten settled in what is perhaps the most beautiful area of our great nation, transitioned to working from home and even made several new contacts in both the gaming and internet industries. One of my only regrets through all that is that I have not had time to make even a single blog entry.

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