Garth Henson Software Engineer & Architect


The progression of Garth’s professional career has been an interesting one, and one that has carried many labels – from Webmaster to Staff Software Engineer. While roles and organizations have changed, one thing that has remained consistent is his passion for people. Garth has always been actively involved in mentoring those around him, teaching block courses, giving tech talks and brown bags, and public speaking events that benefit the technical community.


The Walt Disney Company

Currently acting as the technical lead for an Emerging Tech team in Seattle, focusing on concepts and feasibility in the 1-2 year timeframe.

node.js IoT React UX Management

Spanned two organizations during my time: both platform and fulfillment. Worked directly to build new UI to interface with numerous hardware components for FC employees.

node.js AWS java HCD big data

Synacor, Inc.

Worked on the CMS team to build portals for ISP's around the globe. We essentially built code that would build code!

PHP MySQL UX JavaScript


Garth had the amazing opportunity to be raised overseas on the island of Guam. Growing up in such a culturally diverse environment instilled in him a great love for people from an early age.

He moved from Guam to South Carolina for college in the late '90s, married his beautiful bride, and worked his way from SC through Buffalo, NY before setting in the Seattle area, where he now lives with his wife and five children.

When he is not writing code or tinkering with devices, Garth enjoys photography and music. He also spends a lot of time mentoring other engineers and speaking at meetups, conferences or other events whenever the opportunities arise.