Seahawks, Packers and Refs: Oh, My!

I was one of the stunned Seahawks fans left in a very uncomfortable position after Monday night’s contested win against the Green Bay Packers – excited over the win but with a sour taste over how it went down. If you’re living under a rock somewhere and haven’t heard about the controversy, or if you simply care absolutely nothing for football and are reading this out of sheer boredom, let’s review the tension in the league building up to this climactic altercation.

Back in August the NFL refs union began negotiating with the NFL once again, but as everyone in the football world can tell you, it was too little, too late. The season began with the NFL bringing in inexperienced replacement refs who have been, shall we say, struggling to meet the challenge and call clean games – though in their defense, I’m sure they’re doing the best job they can under the circumstances. Suffice to say that there has been tremendous pressure poured out on these refs, and they have been the focal point of mounting tensions as questionable calls have been piling up during these first few weeks of the season.
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