PHP Routing Library

For the past few years, I have been working more and more with Node.js and proportionally less frequently with PHP. As might be expected, though the underpinnings of web behavior is platform agnostic, the architecture for the web application layer changes to suite the technology stack in which you are building. In fact, one of the marks of a savvy engineer is the ability to leverage the best parts of a technology in the way they build their software. However, I found myself spending far too much time trying to relearn techniques in PHP for projects as I came back to them, so I decided to see if I could build a lightweight routing system in PHP that would mirror some of the patterns I use in my Node.js work every day.

Anyone who has worked with Express, Hapi, Django, Rails or even Grails can understand the ease of route declaration with something like this:

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JavaScript Library Nightly Builds, SymLinks and Auto-Updates

Something has been bothering me for some time, and I finally took the time to resolve the issue once and for all – relatively speaking. As mentioned in my previous post, I have had opportunity to work with multiple different JavaScript libraries, and I often find myself running behind on the newest bug fixes for a given module. Many of the library development teams offer a nightly build available to checkout via SVN or Git (usually by way of GitHub), and I devised a way to automatically update my shared repositories among all the domains on my server. While not rocket science, nor an entirely new idea to most of you, it is quite helpful to me, and I thought I’d share my method here.

There are actually four steps involved with this update, so I apologize in advance if this gets too long.

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