WordPress Plugin: Ajax and WYSIWYG Comments

I spent a good bit of time on Google and the WordPress Codex trying to figure out the best way to customize comments to use Ajax for posting. I finally decided to write my own plugin to solve the issue, since there are a lot of ideas but no real concise nor comprehensive solutions that worked across the board. Additionally, I wanted to offer the capability of using a custom version of the built-in WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) to users for comment modification as well. If you have some time to check it out and leave me some feedback, I would appreciate the input!

On Blogging and Google Plus

Blogging and Google Plus (hereafter referred to as Google+) may not be as mutually exclusive as one might initially think. Not only was it Google+ that brought me back to my blog after a six month hiatus, but the more technical contacts I make on Plus, the more intuitive it becomes to use a blog in conjunction with Google+ to have the most reach. For those of you still reading, let me outline the past week of relevant activities.
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WordPress Widgets and Flickr RESTful APIs

I have done some significant WordPress modifications for friends in the past, be it basic theme manipulations or custom hacking of plugins, but I decided that I wanted to write my own widget to help tie my Flickr account into my blog. I did some searching on the currently hosted WordPress plugin site, and while there were several that tapped the Flickr API, they all seemed too clunky or not quite flexible enough for what I had in mind. Simply listing the most recent thumbnails from my photostream couldn’t be that hard, right? As it turns out, no, it wasn’t.
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