The Man Behind the Mind

Garth Henson has been working in the internet industry as a web developer for nearly 10 years now, pitting his knowledge and skill against the various challenges that arise in this ever changing field of technology. While he would never claim himself to be an expert in his field, the variety of experience with which he has been granted in his professional career balance nicely with that of his personal work to give a good understanding of technologies and processes ranging from the conceptualization and design of a website application to the implementation and execution of the code that turns that concept into reality for the end user. He has spent the last few years focusing more on compliance issues and cross browser compatibility within the JavaScript and CSS code that is presented.

This blog is intended to be, not only a resource for some hopefully helpful information, but also simply an outlet for those thoughts that sometimes need to just break out. Some of the posts will most likely make little sense to any but those who know me personally, but my hope is that by sharing whatever is on my mind, I will be able to share some small bit of information that will assist others in their learning process, just as I have benefited time and time again from others sharing their knowledge with me.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my mental wanderings as much as I enjoy writing them. If any of the posts specifically impact you or you have questions or comments that you don’t want to post directly to the entry, please feel free to contact me directly.