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About Me

I love what I do

Computers and programming have always been a fascination to me. In fact, my dad tells a story about me sitting in front of our television set on my fifth birthday with our TI-99 and an intro to BASIC programming book, hunting and pecking – character by character – until I had my desired animations running across the screen. Fast-forward the clock a few years, and I was sitting with a good friend, Eric Johnson, in a high school programming class where we would finish our assignments within the first few minutes of class and then brainstorm on what we thought the real challenges were. Of course, then we would have to stay late and show the teacher what we had built.

Jumping forward in time again, all the way to the present, I have now been working professionally in web and software for over a dozen years. I have had the opportunity to work for a few different companies over the years, including a four year stint at Amazon, before settling into my current position as Lead Software Engineer for a team within The Walt Disney Company. During my time, I have had the opportunity to work with an incredible variety of technologies and platforms: from email servers to ephemeral environments, Raspberry Pis to KIVA robots.

Throughout all the opportunities and challenges in my career, I’ve discovered the truth of one of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney:

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!

Whether it is in properly managing a team or architecting an enterprise level, scalable infrastructure for CI/CD of a brand new user interface, find the fun in the challenge!

Who am I, really?

Now that you have just a glimpse into what I have done, if you’re still reading, I’ll tell you a little about who I really am. I married the love of my life on our college graduation day in 2001, and we have since been blessed with five beautiful children and settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I was born in Virginia, and my parents moved overseas when I was five years old. Growing up in the south pacific gave me an amazing appreciation for people and love for life that I hope I will never lose. My wife and I met through music our senior year of high school, and we still take advantage of opportunities to sing together whenever possible, whether at our local church or at the occasional wedding. Another one of my interests has been photography, and with five children, the hobby has managed to save us a little money through the years in portraits.

When I am not wrestling with children, playing my guitar, singing with my wife or working, I try to be actively involved in the technical (gravitating toward JavaScript) communities around the country. Starting my career in the educational realm gave me a passion for mentoring and teaching, and I have the opportunity to live out that passion on occasion by speaking at regional conferences, attending campus career fairs or simply availing myself to other engineers and students for coffee and networking as they have questions.

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